Hunkered down in their bunker on an undisclosed planet, Venus Invictus have crafted some new transmissions for your aural pleasure. Initially intending to capture and hold these recordings for a glorious full-length album with an extravagant release party to match, the High Venusians determined that fans needed a bright spot in all the darkness caused by The Vicenary Virus sooner than that. Therefore, the band presents to you a new single from the forthcoming debut full-length album, ahead of schedule. Entitled “Escape Velocity,” it boasts fast-paced, thrash-like rhythms and guitar-work paired with soaring, catchy-yet-heart-wrenching vocals. In step with the sentiments of the year, the lyrical subject matter touches on themes of escaping the toxicity of seasons past and forging ahead with bravery and conviction.


“I think this may be my best recorded performance yet. I can hardly wait to share it with everyone!” says vocalist Amanda Tattermask. Guitarist Josh Wright echoes that sentiment: “Of all of the songs on all of the albums that I’ve had a hand in re cording, this is the song I’m most proud of.” The rhythm section of the band appreciates the intricate playing and faster pace of the song, with drummer Jim Saj asserting, “I like the technicality of it. And, that’s it’s heavier.” Brand new bassist Emily Cox commented of her debut recording with Venus, “it was a challenging song for me initially … completing an awesome song with my band mates who I really love makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.”


While they watched many a group disband into the black hole that was 2020, this quirky quartet remains a tight-knit group despite The Vicenary Virus. Each member excitedly anticipates their re-entry to Earth in the near future, where they will entertain fans with renewed vigor for centuries to come. -Vi

We are proud to share with you our first song-child, “Let’s Not Lose Our Heads…” featuring Morgan Riley of Blackwater Drowning on scream vocals (she is not featured in the video).

If you like what you hear and would like to purchase the song, please visit our bandcamp site.

Here are the lyrics:
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