The Quest for New Music and Merch

Greetings, Venutians! It is with great delight that we announce our planned voyage to the studio on May 1, 2017!
venus invictus fundraiser

Once again we will travel to the marvelous manor of the wizard Cory Plaugh in Columbia, South Carolina, to record our sonic wares.

In celebration of this sophomore excursion, we offer a variety of patronage opportunities where you can experience our studio antics on a more personal basis and obtain exclusive artifacts from us.

We are nearing the final STRETCH, and as a celebration, we challenge you to put us over our $1,500 funding goal by Monday… So far, you’ve contributed $665… If we reach or exceed the goal, we will reward all contributors of $30 or more with a Vi t-shirt and all contributors of $5 or more with a Vi decal in addition to the perks we’ve already offered!

We thank you graciously for your enthusiasm for our little group, and we invite you to our fundraiser site at
to choose your desired prize package.

Venus Invictus

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