Bands Stand Together Against Sexism and Discrimination in the Music Industry 


OCTOBER 7th, 2016, Spartanburg, SC—After a nationally-touring band declared that “no female-fronted bands were allowed” to open for any of their tour dates regardless of draw in the area, genre of music, or fanbase, it became eerily apparent to female musicians in our region that it was time to speak up and stand together against such blatant acts of discrimination. In an act of solidarity, six rock and metal bands from across the Carolinas worked together to put on their own show with the goal of raising awareness.

“Being a female in a male-dominated industry is hard enough… but experiencing that same kind of discrimination from someone of my own gender was the final straw,” Jaycee Clark, lead vocalist for A Light Divided, explained. “Front women everywhere work too damn hard to get lumped into the same category just because we share a gender. I’m so excited for this opportunity to stand alongside my sisters and prove why we deserve the same opportunities as any other band.”

“It’s about unity, not only within the music scene but among all the women in it as well,” said Morgan Riley, vocalist for Blackwater Drowning. “We need to unite to fight unfair discrimination based only on our sex.”

“The idea that we are all the same just because we identify as female is ridiculous; no band on this bill sounds anything like another and each of our styles, our songs, and our voices are wholly unique,” agreed Rei Haycraft, vocalist for Raimee. “And it’s time that those voices are heard.”

“We’ve decided that the backhanded compliment, ‘you’re good for a girl band’ just isn’t going to cut it,” said Paolina Massaro, vocalist for The Reason You Stayed. “Being able to prove that females can be successful in music makes my heart so full.”

“This is a show where it doesn’t matter who’s the best or who’s the prettiest… we’re a team,” added Amanda Tattermask, vocalist for Venus Invictus. 
Amirah Brunache, guitarist for Death of August, agreed. “I’m glad to be a part of a music community where women are supportive of each other and build each other up instead of tearing each other down. Music isn’t a competition; we all work hard and help each other out… as it should be.”

The show will take place on Saturday, November 5th at GroundZero in Spartanburg, SC, and will feature Blackwater Drowning, The Reason You Stayed, A Light Divided, Raimee, Death of August, and Venus Invictus—all of whom hope to raise awareness to the discrimination they face simply for being women in a male-dominated industry and encourage the entire local, regional, and national music scene to work together to create positive change.

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Photography by Altered Ego Images. Used with permission.

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